How to Video Conference

Setting up Videoconference

How To Set Up Your Device

Step 1

QR code

Smart device: Scan the QR code above with your smartphone camera.

Alternativey, on your device, look up the “Pexip Infinity Connect” App from the App Store or Google Play.

Web browser: Go to

Step 2

Open the app and enter the name of your facility.

Step 3

Click on the video button to make a call.

Step 4

Add in the address in the "Search to call" field.

(Select your region on the home page to see customised contact information here.)

Click on the video button to connect.

How To Join The Videoconference Call

Step 1

Contact your Rapid Response Team as you usually would to discuss your patient and arrange a time for the videoconference.

Step 2

Confirm with the Rapid Response Team which room you are using.

Step 3

Open the infinity Connect App or access the platform online and select the green video call button.

Step 4

Select the agreed upon room and press JOIN (there is no pin required for RACFs). Ensure there is adequate WIFI or 3G reception.

Step 5

The Rapid Response Team will be with you shortly.